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Arcana Creations
Role Playing Game Developer

Arcana Creations and the Arcana Creations logo are Trademarks owned by Pat Bellavance. All Rights Reserved.

Bringing Form to Imagination ...
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Guidelines & Submissions:

Detailed writer’s guidelines and information concerning submissions to Arcana Creations and Brave Halfling Publishing will be added to this site soon. In the meantime, Arcana Creations is not accepting any unsolicited material from authors, designers, or writers that they do not already have contact with. As new opportunities arise and once we have established official submission guidelines, this restriction will be lifted.

In the near future, Arcana Creations will be looking for possible and dedicated playtesters and even reviewers for the material it intends to publish. When the opportunity arises, we will make a series of announcements on various blogs, forums, and this site.


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Arcana Creations is not affiliated with Matthew J. Finch, Mythmere Games, Frog God Games, or Troll Lord Games.

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